Synthetic embryology





  • 9/7/2021. Matt won a spot on the Biophysics T32 training grant.

  • 8/15/2021. The lab says farewell to Malgosia as she completes her one-year fellowship.

  • 5/19/2021. Priyankaa passed her qualifying exam!

  • 1/13/2021. Congrats to Manolo for passing his qualifying exam!

  • 1/1/2021. Happy New Year! Welcome Weronika and Matt, our newest grad students!

  • 12/1/2020. Check out our latest review on the material properties of centrosomes.


We use light to induce flows within a living embryo. This allows us to apply tunable force against centrosomes to study their material properties. In the movie, FLUCS deforms and ruptures a centrosome (green) during anaphase. DNA is magenta.

Mittasch, Tran et al., 2020 Journal of Cell Biology

As we age, we become less fertile and prone to cancer. These two problems involve defective quality control during cell division. How do normal cells divide and prevent problems? And what happens as our cells age? We use synthetic biology, live-cell imaging, and nano-scale rheology to understand how oocytes and stem cells guard themselves against ageing and faulty cell division.